Ordering from Iherb (maybe the best quality/price vitamins and supplements netstore) 

If you are poor or quality/price aware and struggeling with health issues or want to improve your health this Blog has some information about top quality netstore Iherb that could be helpful to you.

When you want to buy high quality nutritional supplements from trustworthy place I recommend that you consider Iherb (that is iherb.com). I want to highlight that I do not work for the company or own any stocks Iherb. I'm a satisfied customer who thinks that Iherb is currently maybe the best quality/price supplement netstore there is. In the following I'll give you instructions how to make an order from the Iherb so that even the people who are not used to place orders trough netshops can manage it. In this blog I also recommend some high quality products I have used for improving my health and dealing with different health issues. If you decide to place an order from Iherb you can use EXI747 coupon code to get 5 dollars off from your first order.

Here are the instructions to place an order.

1. First search and choose itsems in your cart. 

You can use search tab, check out best selling products (best sellers), daily & weekly deals, new products, trials (cheap but usually low amounts) and freebies. You can search brand products (for example Healthforce Nutritionals, Natural Factors or Doctor's Best), products of different categories (such as supplements, vitamins, omega 3 etc.), groceries (berries, oils,  tea-products) and pet supplements. Searching with different health condition is also available such as eye vision or constipation but beaware that always searching this way isn't totally acurate. 


When you have made your search you can categorize the products by choosing best selling, highest rating, lowest price, newest and so on. Unfortunately the product gain the most highest ratings categorizing tool isn't available. Best selling categorizing tool is probably the most useful one althought new products tool is also intresting (my opinion). The catgorizing tool can be found at the top right above the products that are shown after the search.

Freebies mean that you can choose one free product from freebies category in your cart. In order to get free product you also have to order something else. I usually take enzymes (aids digestion by braking down lipids, proteins or carbohydrates) or vitamins (about 10 taplets or so) as a freebie.

Trials mean that you can try out some product (usually low amounts) for low price (1.99 - 3.99dollars). Trying out products is smart because if some product doesn't suit you the money hasn't been wasted.

When I go to Iherb I usually always check the best sellers because they have usually many ratings and are top quality/price products. 

When adding the products in your cart I recommend that you check the product information. This can be found by clicking the product and the information opens. For example here I have chosen Madre Labs, Madre-C,(maybe a little bit pricy, though not if your health is valuable, Madre-C is maybe the highest quality vitamin C there is, cheaper and pretty good vitamin C is Now Foods C crystalls also for example)


 2. When your cart is ready and you are a new customer write EXI747 to Coupon code field and you can get off even up to 10 dollars from your first order.

3. Press Proceed to Checkout button and create an account.

After filling out the information you can fill out delivery address.

4. Choose shipping method for your order.

5. Choose payment method.

6. Place your order.



After placing order (pressing Place Order button above)  you will receive confirmation email called Order xxxxxx-x from Iherb.com to the address you have given in your account information.

Notice that you will also receive another email when the transaction is complete and the products have been sent. The email is called "Shipped Order Number xxxxxx-x from Iherb.com". This can take 10 minutes to day depending on your credit card.